Friday, August 31, 2018



I am learning critique link up is my voki

voki was fun and enjoyable it was fun cause all the avatars to coose I hope I

do it again

Friday, July 6, 2018



The frost tingling on my face.My body shivering like a bowl jelly.
Feet so red that my feet are going to explode like TNT.
My backyard is covered in fog outside like a smoke boom exploding.
My fireplace dazzling in the cozy warm lounge.
My hands are numb like an ice cube with frosting flying  in the gloomy sky.
My ears are as cold as a dark rainy cloud.
My blanket is flufffy like a cat.

Friday, June 29, 2018

rubber life.

a boring rubber Life

Rubber when someone rubs it will feels like fire on my back
and face having a red face and back for a long time. Until my
face and back is fine i’m used and it hurts so bad. Bouncing up
and down at the end of the term and people punching me. They
probably think i’m nothing me getting burnt a lot and them
distracting my sleep. And I never get to run away because I
have no feet and hands so I have no point living. When i’m
getting burnt and i’m not getting that much sleep I just want
peace and quiet. ;( And people spelling names on my face
and I just want quiet and its pitch black. In there i’m with a
pencil that will stab me and I will have nowhere to escape.
In this cramped desk I… I.... just don’t like this I don’t like my
rubber life.  

haunted graveyard.

Haunted Graveyard.

Once a pona time there was a graveyard where no one went to.
Beacause it was so haunted. Doors opened ghost going around
to haunt people who dares to come in the graveyard. Bones and
skulls by the path way inside in the haunted graveyard. Bats
screaming. Rats sniffing. Zombies hands coming out of the
grave stone. Blood dripping plop plop plop! The eagles hungry.
Stoats biting rats. When kids walk beside by the gate they will
scream or cry. And the hawks fighting the eagles.
Zombies crawling like a wired person. And then when the
graveyard went bigger and bigger it ruled the whole world
and no one was alive just zombies and stoats and rats and
hawks and the eagles were dead cause of the hawks killing them
at night time.   

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

awesome me

  • "this my work that I did" :)